HYMN IX. Agni.

ACCUSTOMED to the Herald's place, the Herald hath seated him, bright, splendid, passing mighty, whose foresight keeps the Law from violation excellent, pure-tongued, bringing thousands, Agni.

Envoy art thou, protector from the foeman, strong Deva, thou leadest us to higher blessings.

Refulgent, be an ever-heedful keeper, Agni, for us and for our seed offspring.

May we adore thee in thy loftiest birthplace, and, with our praises, in thy lower station. The place whence thou issued forth I worship: to thee well kindled have they paid oblations.

Agni, best Monk, pay worship with oblation; quickly commend the gift to be presented; For thou art Lord of gathered wealth and treasure. of the bright song of praise thou art inventor.

The twofold opulence, O Wonder-Worker, of thee new-born each day never decreases. Enrich with food the man who lauds thee, Agni: make him the lord of wealth with noble offspring.

May he, benevolent with this fair aspect, best offerer, bring the Devas to bless us. Sure guardian, our protector from the foemen, shine, Agni, with thine affluence and splendour.