HYMN XIV. Indra.

MINISTERS, bring the Soma juice for Indra, pour forth the gladdening liquor with the beakers.

To drink of this the Hero longeth ever; offer it to the Bull, for this he willeth.

Ye ministers, to him who with the lightning smote, like a tree, the rain-withholding Vṛtra— Bring it to him, him who is fain to taste it, a draught of this which Indra here deserveth.

Ye ministers, to him who smote Dṛbhīka, who drove the kine forth, and discovered Vala, Offer this draught, like Vita in the region: clothe him with Soma even as steeds with trappings.

Him who did Uraṇa to death, Adhvaryus! though showing arms ninety-and-nine in number. Who cast down headlong Arbuda and slew him.speed ye that Indra to our offered Soma.

Ye ministers, to him who struck down Svaśna, and did to death Vyaṁsa and greedy Śuṣṇa, and Rudhikrās and Namuci and Pipru.to him, to Indra, pour ye forth libation.

Ye ministers, to him who as with thunder demolished Śambara's hundred ancient castles. Who cast down Varcin's sons, a hundred thousand.to him, to Indra, offer ye the Soma.

Ye ministers, to him who slew a hundred thousand, and cast them down upon Earth's bosom. Who quelled the valiant men of Atithigva, Kutsa, and Āyu.bring to him the Soma.

Ministers, men, whatever thing ye long for obtain ye quickly bringing gifts to Indra. Bring to the Glorious One what bands have cleansed; to Indra bring, ye pious ones, the Soma.

Do ye, O ministers, obey his order: that purified in wood, in wood uplift ye. Well pleased he longs for what your hands have tended: offer the gladdening Soma juice to Indra.

As the cow's udder teems with milk, Adhvaryus, so fill with Soma Indra, liberal giver. I know him: I am sure of this, the Holy knows that I fain would give to him more largely.

Him, ministers, the Lord of heavenly treasure and all terrestrial wealth that Earth possesses, him, Indra, fill with Soma as a garner is filled with barley full: be this your labour.

Prepare thyself to grant us that great booty, O Vasu, for abundant is thy treasure. Gather up wondrous wealth, O Indra, daily. Lou. May we speak, with heroes, in assembly.