WE call thee, Lord and Leader of the heavenly hosts, the wise among the wise, the famousest of all, the King supreme of prayers, O Soma: hear us with help; sit down in place of offering.

Soma, Deva immortal! verily the Devas have gained from thee, the wise, a share in holy rites.

As with great light the Sun brings forth the rays of morn, so thou alone art Father of all sacred prayer.

When thou hast chased away revilers and the gloom, thou mountest the refulgent car of offering; The awful car, Soma, that quells the foe, subdues demons, cleaves the stall of kine, and finds the light.

Thou leadest with good guidance and preservest men; distress o’ertakes not him who offers gifts to thee. Him who hates prayer thou punishest, Soma, quelling his wrath: herein is thy great mightiness.

No sorrow, no distress from any side, no foes, no creatures double-tongued have overcome the man. Thou drivest all seductive fiends away from him whom, careful guard, thou keepest Soma.

Thou art our keeper, wise, preparer of our paths: we, for thy service, sing to thee with hymns of praise. Soma, whoever lays a snare for us, hi. May his evil fate, precipitate, destroy.

Him, too, who threatens us without offence of ours, the evilminded, arrogant, rapacious man. Him turn thou from our path away, Soma: give us fair access to this banquet of the Devas.

Thee as protector of our bodies we invoke, thee, saviour, as the comforter who loveth us. Strike, O Somas’ revilers down, and let not the unrighteous come to highest bliss.

Through thee, kind prosperer, O Soma. May we obtain the wealth of Men which all desire: And all our enemies, who near or far away prevail against us, crush, and leave them destitute.

With thee as our own rich and liberal all. May we, Soma, gain highest power of life. Let not the guileful wicked man be lord of us:—stil. May we prosper, singing goodly hymns of praise.

Strong, never yielding, hastening to the battle-cry, consumer of the foe, victorious in the strife, Thou art sin's true avenger, Soma, who tamest e’en the fierce, the wildly passionate.

Whoso with mind ungodly seeks to do us harm, who, deeming him a man of might mid lords, would subdue. Let not his deadly blow reach us, Soma. May we humiliate the strong ill-doer's wrath.

The mover mid the spoil, the winner of all wealth, to be invoked in fight and reverently adored, Soma hath overthrown like cars of war all wicked enemies who fain would injure us.

Burn up the demons with thy fiercest flaming brand, those who have scorned thee in thy manifested might. Show forth that power that shall deserve the hymn of praise: destroy the evil speakers, O Soma.

Soma, that which the foe deserves not which shines among the folk effectual, splendid, that, Son of Law I which is with might refulgent-that treasure wonderful bestow thou on us.

Give us not up to those who, foes in ambuscade, are greedy for the wealth of him who sits at ease, who cherish in their heart abandonment of Devas. Soma, no further rest shall they obtain.

For Tvaṣṭar, he who knows each sacred song, brought thee to life, preeminent o’er all the things that be. Guilt-scourger, guilt-avenger is Soma, who subdues the spoiler and upholds the mighty Law.

The mountain, for thy glory, cleft itself apart when, Aṅgiras! thou openedst the stall of kine. Thou, O Soma, with Indra for ally didst hurl down water-floods which gloom had compassed round.

O Soma, be thou controller of this our hymn and prosper thou our children. All that the Devas regard with love is blessed. Lou. May we speak, with heroes, in assembly.