HYMN XXVII. Ādityas.

THESE hymns that drop down fatness, with the ladle I ever offer to the Kings Ādityas.

May Mitra, Aryaman, and Bhaga hear us, the mighty Indra Dakṣa, and Aṁśa.

With one accor. May Aryaman and Mitra and Indra this day accept this praise-song— Ādityas bright and pure as streams of water, free from all guile and falsehood, blameless, perfect.

These Devas Devas vast, profound, and faithful, with many eyes, fain to deceive the wicked, Looking within behold the good and evil near to the Kings is even the thing most distant.

Upholding that which moves and that which moves not Devas Devas, protectors of all being, Provident, guarding well the world of spirits, true to eternal Law, the debt-exactors.

May I Devas share m this your favour which, Aryaman, brings profit e’en in danger. Under your guidance, Indra and Mitra, round trouble. May I pass, like rugged places.

Smooth is your path, O Aryaman and Mitra; excellent is it, Indra, and thornless. Thereon Devas send us down your blessing: grant us a shelter hard to be demolished.

Mother of Kings. May Aditi transport us, by fair paths Aryaman, beyond all hatred. May we uninjured, girt by many heroes, win Indra's and Mitra's high protection.

With their support they stay three earths, three heavens; three are their functions in the Devas’ assembly. Mighty through Law Devas is your greatness; fair is it, Aryaman, Indra, and Mitra.

Golden and splendid, pure like streams of water, they hold aloft the three bright heavenly regions. Ne’er do they slumber, never close their eyelids, faithful, far-ruling for the righteous mortal.

Thou over all, O Indra, art Sovran, be they Devas, Devas! or be they mortals. Grant unto us to see a hundred autumns ours be the blest long lives of our forefathers.

Neither the right nor left do I distinguish, neither the cast nor yet the west, Ādityas. Simple and guided by your wisdom, Devas. May I attain the light that brings no danger.

He who bears gifts unto the Kings, true Leaders, he whom their everlasting blessings prosper, Moves with his chariot first in rank and wealthy, munificent and lauded in assemblies.

Pure, faithful, very strong, with heroes round him, he dwells beside the waters rich with pasture. None subdues, from near at hand or from a distance, him who is under the Ādityas’ guidance.

Aditi, Indra, forgive us however we have erred and sinned against you. May I obtain the broad light free from peril: O Indra, let not during darkness seize us.

For him the Twain united pour their fulness, the rain from Heaven: he thrives most highly favoured. He goes to war mastering both the mansions: to him both portions of the world are gracious.

Your guiles, ye Holy Ones, to quell oppressors, your snares spread out against the foe Devas May I car-borne pass like a skilful horseman: uninjure. May we dwell in spacious shelter.

May I not live, O Indra, to witness my wealthy, liberal, dear friend's destitution. King. May O never lack well-ordered riches. Lou. May we speak, with heroes, in assembly.