GRACIOUSLY further, O ye Heaven and Earth, this speech striving to win reward, of me your worshipper.

First rank I give to you, Immortal, high extolled! I, fain to win me wealth, to you the mighty Pair.

Let not man's guile annoy us, secret or by day: give not us up a prey to these calamities. Sever not thou our friendship: think thereon for us. This, with a heart that longs for bliss, we seek from thee.

Bring hither with benignant mind the willing Cow teeming with plenteous milk, full, inexhaustible. O thou invoked by many, day by day I urge thee with my word, a charger rapid in his tread.

With eulogy I call on Rākā swift to hea. May she, auspicious, hear us, and herself observe. With never-breaking needl. May she sew her work, and give a hero son most wealthy, meet for praise.

All thy kind thoughts, O Rākā, lovely in their form, wherewith thou grantest wealth to him who offers gifts— With these come thou to us this day benevolent, O Blessed One, bestowing food of thousand sorts.

O broad-tressed Sinīvālī, thou who art the Sister of the Devas, accept the offered offering, and, Goddess, grant us progeny.

With lovely fingers, lovely arms, prolific Mother of many sons— Present the sacred gifts to her, to Sinīvālī Queen of men.

Her, Sinīvālī, her, Gungū, her, Rākā, her, Sarasvatī, indrāṇī to mine aid I call, and Varuṇānī for my weal.