HYMN XXXVI Various Gods.

WATER and milk hath he endued, sent forth to thee: the men have drained him with the filters and the stones.

Drink, Indra, from the Hotar's bowl—first right is thine—Soma hallowed and poured with Vaṣaṭ and Svāhā.

Busied with offering, with spotted deer and spears, gleaming upon your way with ornaments, yea, our Friends, Sitting on sacred grass, ye Sons of Bhārata, drink Soma from the Potar's bowl, O Men of Heaven.

Come unto us, ye swift to listen: as at home upon the sacred grass sit and enjoy yourselves. And, Tvaṣṭar, well-content be joyful in the juice with Devas and Goddesses in gladsome company.

Bring the Devas hither, Sage, and offer offering: at the three altars seat thee willingly, O Monk. Accept for thy delight the proffered Soma meath: drink from the Kindler's bowl and fill thee with thy share.

This is the strengthener of thy body's manly might: strength, victory for all time are placed within thine arms. Pressed for thee, Indra, it is offered unto thee: drink from the chalice of this Brahman, drink thy fill.

Accept the offering; mark both of you, my call: the Monk hath seated him after the ancient texts. My prayer that bids them come goes forth to both the Kings: drink ye the Soma meath from the Director's bowl.