HYMN XXXVII. Various Gods.

Enjoy thy fill of meath out of the Hotar's cup: Adhvaryus he desires a full draught poured for him.

Bring it him: seeking this he gives. Granter of Wealth, drink Soma with the Ṛtus from the Hotar's cup.

He whom of old I called on, him I call on now. He is to be invoked; his name is He who Gives. Here brought by monks is Soma meath. Granter of Wealth, drink Soma with the Ṛtus from the Potar's cup.

Fa. May the horses be wherewith thou speedest on: Lord of the Wood, unharming, strengthen thou thyself. Drawing and seizing, Bold One, thou who grantest wealth, drink Soma with the Ṛtus from the Neṣṭar's cup.

From Hotar's cup and Potar's he hath drunk and joyed: the proffered food hath pleased him from the Neṣṭar's bowl. The fourth cup undisturbed, immortal, let him drink who giveth wealth, the cup of the wealth-giving Deva.

Yoke, O ye Twain, to-day your hero-bearing car, swift-moving hitherward: your loosing-place is here. Mix the oblations, then come hither with the meath, and drink the Soma, ye rich in abundant strength.

Agni, accept the fuel and our offered gift: accept the prayer of man, accept our eulogy, Do thou with all, with Ṛtu, O thou Excellent, fain, make the great Devas all fain taste the gift we bring.