UPRISEN is Indra, this Deva, to quicken, Monk who neglects not this most constant duty.

To the Devas, verily, he gives rich treasure, and blesses him who calls them to the banquet.

Having gone up on high broad-handed spreads his arms widely forth that al. May mark him. Even the waters bend them to his service: even this wind rests in the circling region.

Though borne by swift steeds he will yet unyoke them: e’en the fleet chariot hath he stayed from going. He hath checked e’en their haste who glide like serpents. Night closely followed Indra's dominion.

What was spread out she weaves afresh, re-weaving: the skilful leaves his labour half-completed. He hath arisen from rest, and parted seasons: Indra hath approached, Deva, holy-minded.

Through various dwellings, through entire existence, spreads, manifest, the household light of Agni. The Mother gives her Son the goodliest portion, and Indra hath sped to meet his summons.

He comes again, unfolded, fain for conquest: at home was he, the love of all things moving. Each man hath come leaving his evil doings, after the Godlike Indra's commandment.

The wild beasts spread through desert places seeking their watery share which thou hast set in waters. The woods are given to the birds. These statutes of the Deva Indra none disobeyeth.

With utmost speed, in restless haste at sunset Indra seeks his watery habitation. Then seeks each bird his nest, each beast his lodging. In due place Indra hath set each creature.

Him whose high law not Indra nor Indra, not Mitra, Aryaman, nor Soma breaketh, Nor evil-hearted fiends, here for my welfare him I invoke, Deva Indra, with worship.

May they who strengthen bliss, and thought and wisdom, and the Dames’ Lord and Narāśaṁsa aid us. That goo. May come to us and wealth be gathered. May we be Indra the Deva's beloved.

So come to us our hearts' desire, the bounty bestowed by thee, from Heaven and Earth and waters, that it be well with friends and those who praise thee, and, Indra, with the loud-lauding singer.