HYMN XLI. Devas.

O VĀYU, come to us with all the thousand chariots that are thine, Team-borne, juice.

Drawn by thy team, O Soma, come; to thee is offered this, the pure.

Thou visitest the presser's house.

Indra and Soma, drawn by teams, ye Heroes, come today and drink. Of the bright juice when blent with milk.

This Soma hath been shed for you, Law-strengtheners, Mitra-Indra! Listen ye here to this my call.

Both Kings who never injure aught seat them in their supremest home, the thousand-pillared, firmly-based.

Fed with oblation, Sovran Kings Devas Lords of liberal gifts. They wait on him whose life is true.

With kine, Nāsatyas, and with steeds, come, Indra, Somas, to the house That will protect its heroes well;

Such, wealthy Devas! as none afar nor standing nigh to u. May harm, Yea, no malicious mortal foe.

As such, O longed-far Indra, lead us on to wealth of varied sort, Wealth that shall bring us room and rest.

Verily Indra, conquering all, driveth e’en mighty fear away, for firm is he and swift to act.

Indra be gracious unto us: sin shall not reach us afterward, and good shall be before us still.

From all the regions of the world let Indra send security, the foe-subduer, swift to act.

O all ye Devas, come hitherward: hear this mine invocation, seat Yourselves upon this sacred grass.

Among the Śunahotras strong for you is this sweet gladdening draught. Drink ye of this delightsome juice.

Ye Devas led by Indra, Devas with Pūṣan for your bounteousest. Hear all of you this call of mine.

Best Mother, best of Rivers, best of Goddesses, Sarasvatī, We are, as ’twere, of no repute and dear Mother, give thou us renown.

In thee, Sarasvatī, divine, all generations have their stay. Be, glad with Śunahotra's sons: O Goddess grant us progeny.

Enriched with offering, accept Sarasvatī, these prayers of ours, Thoughts which Gṛtsamadas beloved of Devas bring, Holy One, to thee.

Ye who bless offering, go forth, for verily we choose you both, and Agni who conveys our gifts.

This our effectual offering, reaching the sky, shall Heaven and Earth Present unto the Devas to-day.

In both your laps, ye guileless Ones, the Holy Devas shall sit them down To-day here.