To him who shines afar shall bards give precious things that h. May go on certain paths: For Agni the Immortal serves the Deities, and therefore never breaks their everlasting laws.

He, wondrous envoy, goes between the Earth and Heaven, firm seated as the Herald, great High Monk of men.

He compassethwith rays the lofty dwelling-place, Agni, sent forward by the Devas, enriched with piayer.

Sages shall glorify Agni with earnest thoughts, ensign of offering, who fills the synod full: In whom the singers have stored up their holy acts to him the worshipper looks for joy and happiness.

The Sire of offering, great Deva of holy bards, Agni, the measure and the symbol of the monks, Hath entered Heaven and Earth that show in varied form: the Sage whom many love rejoiceth in his might.

Bright Agni with the bright car, Lord of green domains, Vaiśvānara dweller in the floods, who finds the light, Pervading, swift and wild, encompassed round with powers, him very glorious have the Devas established here.

Agni, together with the Devas and Manu's folk by thought extending offering in varied form, Goes, car-borne, to and fro with those who crown each rite, the fleet, the Household Friend, who turns the curse aside.

Sing, Agni, for long life to us and noble sons: teem thou with plenty, shine upon us store of food. Increase the great man's strength, thou ever-vigilant: thou, longing for the Devas, knowest their hymns full well.

The Mighty One, Lord of the people and their guest, the leader of their thoughts, devoted Friend of monks, Our solemn rites' announcer, Jātavedas, men with worship ever praise, with urgings for their weal.

Agni the Deva resplendent, giver of great joy, hath on his lovely car compassed the lands with, might. Let us with pure laudations in his house approach the high laws of the nourisher of multitudes.

I celebrate thy glories, O Vaiśvānara, wherewith thou, O farsighted Deva, has found the light. Thou filledst at thy birth both worlds, the Earth and Heaven: all this, O Agni, hast thou compassed of thyself.

By his great skill the Sage alone hath brought to pass a great deed, mightier than Vaiśvānara's wondrous acts. Agni sprang into being, magnifying both his Parents. Heaven and Earth, rich in prolific seed.