HYMN V. Agni.

AGNI who shines against the Dawns is wakened. The holy Singer who precedes the sages.

With far-spread lustre, kindled by the pious, the Monk hath thrown both gates of darkness open.

Agni hath waxen mighty by laudations, to be adored with hymns of those who praise him. Loving the varied shows of holy Order at the first flush of dawn he shines as envoy.

Amid men's homes hath Agni been established, fulfilling with the Law, Friend, germ of waters. Loved and adored, the height he hath ascended, the Singer, object of our invocations.

Agni is Mitra when enkindled duly, Mitra as Monk, Indra, Jātavedas; Mitra as active minister, and House-Friend, Mitra of flowing rivers and of mountains.

The Earth's, the Bird's dear lofty place he guardeth, he guardeth in his might the course of Sūrya, Guardeth the Seven-headed in the centre, guardeth sublime the Deities enjoyment.

The skilful Deva who knows all forms of knowledge made for himself a fair form, meet for worship. This Agni guards with care that never ceases the Soma's skin, the Bird's place rich in fatness.

Agni hath entered longingly the longing shrine rich with fatness, giving easy access. Resplendent, pure, sublime and purifying, again, again he renovates his Mothers.

Born suddenly, by plants he grew to greatness, when tender shoots with holy oil increased him, like waters lovely when they hasten downwar. May Agni in his Parents' lap protect us.

Extolled, the Strong shone forth with kindled fuel to the Earth's centre, to the height of Heaven. May Agni, Friend, adorable Mātariśvan, as envoy bring the Devas unto our worship.

Best of all luminaries lofty Agni supported with his flame the height of Heaven, when, far from Bhṛgus, Mātariśvan kindled the oblation-bearer where he lay in secret.

As holy food, Agni to thine invoker give wealth in cattle, lasting, rich in marvels. To us be born a son and spreading offspring. Agni, be this thy gracious will to us-word.