HYMN XII. Indra and Agni.

MOVED, Indra and Agni, by our hymn, come to the juice, the precious dew: Drink ye thereof, impelled by song.

O Indra and Agni, with the man who lauds you comes the wakening rite: So drink ye both this juice assured.

Through force of offering I choose Indra and Agni who love the wise: With Soma let these sate them here.

Indra and Agni I invoke, joint-victors, bounteous, unsubdued, Foe-slayers, best to win the spoil.

Indra and Agni, singers skilled in melody hymn you, bringing lauds: I choose you for the sacred food.

Indra and Agni, ye cast down the ninety forts which Dāsas held, together, with one mighty deed.

To Indra and Agni reverent thoughts go forward from the holy task Along the path of sacred Law.

O Indra and Agni, powers are yours, and dwellings and delightful food Good is your readiness to act.

Indra and Agni, in your deeds of might ye deck Heaven's lucid realms: Famed is that hero strength of yours.