To Agni, to this Deva of yours I sing aloud with utmost power.

May he come to us with the Devas, and sit, best offerer, on the grass.

The Holy, whose are Earth and Heaven, and assist waits upon his strength; Him men who bring oblations laud, and they who wish to gain, for grace.

He is the Sage who guides these men, Leader of sacred rites is he. Him your own Agni, serve ye well, who winneth and bestoweth wealth.

May the gracious Agni grant most goodly shelter for our use; Whence in the heavens or in the floods he shall pour wealth upon our lands.

The singers kindle him, the Monk, Agni the Lord of tribes of men, Resplendent and without a peer through his own excellent designs.

Help us, thou Brahman, best of all invokers of the Devas in song. Beam, Friend of Devas, bliss on us, O Agni, a most liberal Deva.

Yea, grant us treasure thousandfold with children and with nourishment, and, Agni, splendid hero strength, exalted, wasting not away.