THE pleasant Monk is come into the synod, true, skilled in offering, most wise, ordainer.

Agni, the Son of Strength, whose car is lightning, whose hair is flame, hath shown on Earth his lustre.

To thee I offer reverent speech: accept it: to thee who markest it, victorious, faithful! Bring, thou who knowest, those who know, and seat thee amid the sacred grass, for help, O Holy.

The Two who show their vigour, Night and Morning, by the wind's paths shall haste to thee O Agni. When men adorn the Ancient with oblations, these seek, as on two chariot-seats, the dwelling.

To thee, strong Agni! Indra and Mitra and all the Devas sang a song of triumph, what time unto the people's lands thou camest, spreading them as the Sun of men, with lustre.

Approaching with raised hands and adoration, we have this day fulfilled for thee thy longing. Worship the Devas with most devoted spirit, a Monk with no unfriendly thought, O Agni.

For, Son of Strength, from thee come many assists, and powers abundant that a Deva possesses. Agni, to us with speech that hath no falsehood grant riches, real, to be told in thousands.

Whatever, Deva, in offering we mortals have wrought is all for thee, strong, wise of purpose! Be thou the Friend of each good chariot's master. All this enjoy thou here, immortal Agni.