HYMN XV. Agni.

RESPLENDENT with thy wide-extending lustre, dispel the terrors of the fiends who hate us May lofty Agni be my guide and shelter, the easily-invoked, the good Protector.

Be thou To us, while now the morn is breaking, be thou a guardian when the Sun hath mounted..

Accept, as men accept a true-born infant, my laud, O Agni nobly born in body.

Bull, who beholdest men, through many mornings, among the dark ones shine forth red, O Agni. Lead us, good Lord, and bear us over trouble: Help us who long, most Youthful Deva, to riches.

Shine forth, a Bull invincible, O Agni, winning by conquest all the forts and treasures, Thou Jātavedas who art skilled in guiding, the chief high saving offering's Leader.

Lighting Devas hither, Agni, wisest Singer, bring thou to us many and flawless shelters. Bring vigour, like a car that gathers booty: bring us, O Agni, beauteous Earth and Heaven.

Swell, O thou Bull and give those powers an impulse, e’en Earth and Heaven who yield their milk in plenty, Shining, with Devas in clear effulgence. Let not a mortal's evil will obstruct us.

Agni, as holy food to thine invoker, give wealth in cattle, lasting, rich in marvels. To us be born a son and spreading offspring. Agni, be this thy gracious will to us-ward.