DULY enkindled after ancient customs, bringing all treasures, he is balmed with unguents. Flame-haired, oil-clad, the purifying Agni, skilled in fair rites, to bring the Devas for worship.

As thou, O Agni, skilful Jātavedas, hast offered as Monk of Earth, of Heaven, So with this offering bring the Devas, and prosper this offering today as erst for Manu.

Three are thy times of life, O Jātavedas, and the three mornings are thy births, O Agni.

With these, well-knowing, grant the Devas’ kind favour, and help in stir and stress the man who worships.

Agni most bright and fair with song we honour, yea, the adorable, O Jātavedas. Thee, envoy, messenger, oblation-bearers have made centre of life eternal.

That Monk before thee, yet more skilled in worship, stablished of old, health-giver by his nature. After his custom offer, thou who knowest, and lay our offering where Deva. May taste it.