AGNI, quick, sage, infallible, all-knowing, I choose to be our Monk at this oblation.

In our Devas’ service he, best skilled, shall worship. May he obtain us boons for strength and riches.

Agni, to thee I lift the oil-fed ladle, bright, with an offering, bearing our oblation. From the right hand, choosing the Devas’ attendance, he with rich presents hath arranged the worship.

Of keenest spirit is the man thou aidest give us good offspring, thou who givest freely. In power of wealth most rich in men. O Agni, of thee, the Good. May we sing forth fair praises.

Men as they worship thee the Deva, O Agni, have set on thee full many a brilliant, aspect. So bring Most Youthful Ones’ assembly, the Heavenly Host which thou to-day shalt honour.

When Devas anoint thee Monk at their oblation, and seat thee for thy task as Offerer, O Agni, be thou here our kind defender, and to ourselves vouchsafe the gift of glory.