WITH lauds at break of morn the Monk invoketh Agni, Dawn, Dadhikrās, and both the Indra.

With one consent the Devas whose light is splendid, longing to taste our offering, shall hear us.

Three are thy powers, O Agni, three thy stations, three are thy tongues, yea, many, Child of Order! Three bodies hast thou which the Devas delight in: with these protect our hymns with care unceasing.

O Agni, many are the names thou bearest, immortal, Deva, Divine, and Jātavedas. And many charms of charmers, All-Inspirer! have they laid in thee, Lord of true attendants!

Agni, like Bhaga, leads the godly people, he who is true to Law and guards the seasons. Ancient, all-knowing, he shall bear the singer safe through every trouble.

I call on Indra the Deva, on Morning, Soma, and Dadhikrās, and Agni, On Indra and Mitra, on the Indra, Bhaga, the Devas, Somas and Ādityas.