RUBBED into life, well stablished in the dwelling, Leader of offering, the Sage, the youthful. Here in the wasting fuel Jātavedas, eternal, hath assumed immortal being.

Both Bharatas, Devaśravas, Devāvata, have strongly rubbed to life effectual Agni.

O Agni, look thou forth with ample riches: be, every day, bearer of food to feed us.

Him nobly born of old the fingers ten produced, him whom his Mothers counted dear. Praise Devāvata's Agni, thou Devaśravas, him who shall be the people's Lord.

He set thee in the Earth's most lovely station, in Iḷā's place, in days of fair bright weather. On man, on Āpayā, Agni! on the rivers Dṛṣadvati, Sarasvatī, shine richly.

Agni, as holy food to thine invoker give wealth in cattle, lasting, rich in marvels. To us be born a son and spreading offspring Agni, be this thy gracious will to us-ward