THOU art the sapient Son of Devas, O Agni, yes and the Child of Earth, who knowest all things.

Bring the Devas specially, thou Sage, for worship.

Agni the wise bestows the might of heroes grants strengthening food, preparing it for nectar. Thou who art rich in food bring the Devas hither.

Agni, infallible, lights Earth and Heaven, immortal Goddesses gracious to all men. Lord through his strength, splendid through adorations.

Come to the offering, Agni and Indra come to the offerer's house who hath the Soma. Come, friendly-minded, Devas, .

In the floods' home art thou enkindled, Agni, O Jātavedas, Son of Strength, eternal, Exalting with thine help the gathering-places.