IN ladle dropping oil your food goes in oblation up to Heaven, Goes to the Devas in search of bliss.

Agni I laud, the Sage inspired, crowner of offering through song, who listens and gives bounteous gifts.

O Agni, if we might obtain control of thee the potent Deva, then should we overcome our foes.

Kindled at offers he is Agni, hallower, meet for praise, with flame for hair: to him we seek.

Immortal Agni, shining far, enrobed with oil, well worshipped, bears The gifts of offering away.

The Monks with ladles lifted up, worshipping here with holy thought, have brought this Agni for our aid.

Immortal, Offerer, Deva, with wondrous power he leads the way, Urging the great assembly on.

Strong, he is set on deeds ofstrength. In offerings led in front, as Singer he completes the rite.

Excellent, he was made by thought. The Germ of beings have I gained, Yea, and die Sire of active strength.

Thee have I stablished, Excellent, O strengthened by the sage's prayer, thee, Agni, longing, nobly bright.

Agni, the swift and active One, singers, at time of offering, Eagerly kindle with their food.

Agni the Son of Strength who shines up to the Heaven in solemn rites, the wise of heart, I glorify.

Meet to be lauded and adored, showing in beauty through the dark, Agni, the Strong, is kindled well.

Agni is kindled as a bull, like a horsebearer of the Devas: Men with oblations worship him.

Thee will we kindle as a bull, we who are Bulls ourselves, O Bull.

Thee, Agni, shining mightily.