AGNI who knowest all, accept our offering and the cake of meal, At dawn's libation, rich in meditation!

Agni, the sacrificial cake hath been prepared and dressed for thee: Accept it, O Most Youthful Deva.

Agni, enjoy the cake of meal and our oblation three days old: Thou, Son of Strength, art stablished at our offering.

Here at the midday offering enjoy thou the sacrificial cake, wise, Jātavedas! Agni, the sages in assemblies never minish the portion due to thee the Mighty.

O Agni, at the third libation takewith joy the offered cake of offering Son of Strength.

Through skill in song bear to the Devas our offering, watchful and fraught with riches, to Immortal Deva.

O waxing Agni, knower of all, accept our gifts, the cake, and that prepared ere yesterday.