DRINK thou this Soma, Indra, Lord of Soma; drink thou the draught of noonday which thou Iovest.

Puffing thy cheeks, impetuous, liberal Giver, here loose thy two Bay Horses and rejoice thee.

Quaff it pure, meal-blent, mixt with milk, O Indra; we have poured forth the Soma for thy rapture. Knit with the prayer-fulfilling band of Devas, yea, with the Somas, drink till thou art sated;

Those who gave increase to thy strength and vigour; the Devas singing forth thy might, O Indra. Drink thou, O fair of cheek, whose hand wields thunder, with Somas banded, at our noon libation.

They, even the Devas who were there, excited with song the meath-created strength of Indra. By them impelled to act he reached the vitals Of Vแน›tra, though he deemed that none might wound him.

Pleased, like a man, with our libation, Indra, drink, for enduring hero might, the Soma. Lord of Bays, moved by offering come hither: thou with the Swift Ones stirrest floods and waters.

When thou didst loose the streams to run like racers in the swift contest, having smitten Vแน›tra With flying weapon where he lay, O Indra, and, godless, kept the Goddesses encompassed.

With reverence let us worship mighty Indra, great and sublime, eternal, everyouthful, whose greatness the dear world-halves have not measured, no, nor conceived the might of him the Holy.

Many are Indra's nobly wrought achievements, and none of all the Devas transgress his statutes. He beareth up this Earth and Heaven, and, doer of marvels, he begot the Sun and Morning.

Herein, O Guileless One, is thy true greatness, that soon as born thou drankest up the Soma. Day. May not check the power of thee the Mighty, nor the nights, Indra, nor the months, nor autumns.

As soon as thou wast born in highest Heaven thou drankest Soma to delight thee, Indra; And when thou hadst pervaded Earth and Heaven thou wast the first supporter of the singer.

Thou, puissant Deva, more mighty, slewest. Ahi showing his strength when couched around the waters. The Heaven itself attained not to thy greatness when with one hip of thine the Earth was shadowed.

Offering, Indra, made thee wax so mighty, the dear oblation with the flowing Soma. O Worshipful, with worship help our worship, for worship helped thy bolt when subduing Ahi.

With offering and wish have I brought Indra; still for new blessing. May I turn him hither, him magnified by ancient songs and praises, by lauds of later time and days yet recent.

I have brought forth a song when longing seized me: ere the decisive day will I laud Indra; The. May he safely bear us over trouble, as in a ship, when both sides invocate him.

Full is his chalice: Glory! Like a pourer I have filled up the vessel for his drinking. Presented on the right, dear Soma juices have brought us Indra, to rejoice him, hither.

Not the deep-flowing flood, O Much-invoked One! not hills that compass thee about restrain thee, Since here incited, for thy friends, O Indra, thou breakest eโ€™en the firm built stall of cattle.

Call we on Indra, auspicious Indra, best Hero in this fight where spoil is gathered, the Strong who listens, who gives aid in battles, who subdues the Vแน›tras, wins and gathers riches.