MOUNT the Bay Horses to thy chariot harnessed, and come to us like Soma with his coursers.

Thou, hastening to us, shalt drink the Soma. Hail, Indra. We have poured it for thy rapture.

For him who is invoked by many, the two swift Bay Steeds to the pole I harness, that they in fleet cours. May bring Indra hither, e’en to this offering arranged completely.

Bring the strong Steeds who drink the warm libation, and, Bull of Godlike nature, be thou gracious. Let thy Steeds eat; set free thy Tawny Horses, and roasted grain like this consume thou daily.

Those who are yoked by prayer I harness, fleet friendly Bays who take their joy together. Mounting thy firm and easy car, O Indra, wise and all-knowing come thou to the Soma.

No other worshippers must stay beside them thy Bays, thy vigorous and smooth-backed Coursers. Pass by them all and hasten onward hither pressed we will prepare to feast thee.

Thine is this Soma: hasten to approach it. Drink thou thereof, benevolent, and cease not. Sit on the sacred grass at this our worship, and take these drops into thy belly, Indra.

The grass is strewn for thee, pressed is the Soma; the grain is ready for thy Bays to feed on. To thee who lovest them, the very mighty, strong, girt by Devas, are these gifts presented.

This the sweet draught, with cows, the men, the mountains, the waters, Indra, have for thee made ready. Come, drink thereof, Sublime One, friendly-minded, foreseeing, knowing well the ways thou goest.

The Devas, they with whom thou sharedst Soma, Indra, who made thee strong and were thine army. With these accordant, eagerly desirous drink thou this Soma with the tongue of Agni.

Drink, Indra, of the juice by thine own nature, or by the tongue of Agni, O thou Holy. Accept the sacrificial gift, O Indra, from the Adhvaryu's hand or from the Hotar's.

Call we on Indra, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered, the Strong, who listens, who.gives aid in battles, who subdues the VαΉ›tras, wins and gathers riches.