HYMN XLI. Indra.

INVOKED juice, come with thy Bay Steeds, Thunder-armed Come, Indra, hitherward to me.

Our priest is seated, true to time; the grass is regularly strewn; The pressing-stones were set at morn.

These prayers, O thou who hearest prayer are offered: seat thee on the grass.

Hero, enjoy the offered cake.

O Indra, be thou pleased with these libations, with these hymns, Song-loving Indra, with our lauds.

Our hymns caress the Lord of Strength, vast, drinker of the Soma's juice, Indra, as mother-cows their calf.

Delight thee with the juice we pour for thine own great munificence: Yield not thy singer to reproach.

We, Indra, dearly loving thee, bearing oblation, sing thee hymns Thou, Vasu, dearly lovest us.

O thou to whom thy Bays are dear, loose not thy Horses far from us: Here glad thee, Indra, Lord divine.

May long-maned Coursers, dropping oil, bring thee on swift car hitherward, Indra, to seat thee on the grass.