May this delightsome Soma be expressed for thee by tawny stones.

Joying thereat, O Indra, with thy Bay Steeds come:. ascend thy golden-coloured car.

In love thou madest Uแนฃas glow, in love thou madest Sลซrya shine. Thou, Indra, knowing, thinking, Lord of Tawny Steeds, above all glories waxest great.

The Heaven with streams of golden hue, Earth with her tints of green and gold- The golden Pair yield Indra plenteous nourishment: between them moves the golden One.

When born to life the golden Bull illumines all the realm of light. He takes his golden weapon, Lord of Tawny Steeds, the golden thunder in his arms.

The bright, the well-loved thunderbolt, girt with the bright, Indra disclosed, Disclosed the Soma juice pressed out by tawny stones, with tawny steeds drave forth the kine.