HYMN II. Agni.

THE, Faithful One, Immortal among mortals, appointed envoy, Monk, best at worship, must shine forth in glory . Agni shall be raised high with man's oblations.

Born for us here this day, O Son of Vigour, between both races of born beings, Agni, Thou farest as an envoy, having harnessed, Sublime One! thy strong-muscled radiant stallions.

I laud the ruddy steeds who pour down blessing, dropping oil, flectest through the thoualit of Order.

Yoking red horses to and fro thou goest between you Deities and mortal races.

Aryaman, Indra, and Indra with Indra, of the Devas, Devas and Indra- These, Agni, with good car and steeds, bring hither, most bountiful, to folk with fair oblations.

Agni, be this our offering eternal, with brave friends, rich in kine and sheep and horses, Rich, Devas! in sacred food and children, in full assembly, wealth broad-based and during.

The man who, sweating, brings for thee the fuel, and makes his head to ache, thy faithful servant. Agni, to him be a self-strong Protector guard him from all who seek to do him mischief.

Who brings thee food, though thou hast food in plenty, welcomes his cheerful guest and speeds him onward, who kindles thee devoutly in his dwelling,to him be wealth secure and freely giving.

Whoso sings praise to thee at eve or morning, and, with oblation, doth the thing thou lovest. In his own home, even as a goId-girt courser, rescue him from distress, the bounteous giver.

Whoso brings gifts to thee Immortal, Agni, and doth thee service with uplifted ladle. Let him not, sorely toiling, lose his riches; let not the sinner's wickedness enclose him.

Whose well-wrought worship thou acceptest, Agni, thou Deva a mortal's gift, thou liberal Giver. Dear be his offering to thee, most Youthful! an. May we strengthen him when he adores thee.

May he who knows distinguish sense and folly of men, like straight and crooked backs of horses. Lead us, to wealth and noble offspring: keep penury afar and grant us plenty.

This Sage the Sages, ne’er deceived, commanded, setting him down in dwellings of the living. Henc. Mayst thou, friendly Deva, with rapid footsteps behold the Devas, wonderful, fair to look on.

Good guidance hast thou for the priest, O Agni, who, Youngest Deva! with outpoured Soma serves thee. Ruler of men, thou joyous Deva, bring treasure splendid and plentiful to aid the toiler.

Now all that we, thy faithful servants, Agni, have done with feet, with hands, and with our bodies, the wise, with toil, the holy rite have guided, as those who frame a car with manual cunning.

May we, seven sages first in rank, engender, from Dawn the Mother, men to be ordainers. May we, AαΉ…girases, be sons of Heaven, and, radiant, burst the wealth-containing mountain.

As in the days of old our ancient Fathers, speeding the work of holy worship, Agni, Sought pure light and devotion, singing praises; they cleft the ground and made red Dawns apparent.

Devas, doing holy acts, devout, resplendent, smelting like ore their human generations. Enkindling Agni and exalting Indra, they came encompassing the stall of cattle.

Strong One! he marked them-and the Devas before them-like herds of cattle in a foodful pasture. There they moaned forth their strong desire for mortals, to aid the True, the nearest One, the Living.

We have worked for thee, we have laboured nobly-bright Dawns have shed their light upon our worship- Adding a beauty to the perfect Agni, and the Deva's beauteous eye that shines forever.

Agni, Disposer, we have sung these praises to thee the Wise: do thou accept them gladly. Blaze up on high and ever make us richer. Give us great wealth, O thou whose boons are many.