WIN, to assist you, Soma, Lord of worship, Monk of both worlds, effectual Offerer, Agni, invested with his golden colours, before the thunder strike and lay you senseless.

This shrine have we made ready for thy coming, as the fond dame attires her for her husband.

Performer of good work, sit down before us, invested while these flames incline to meet thee.

A hymn, O Monk, to him who hears, the gentle, to him who looks on men, exceeding gracious, a song of praise sing to the Deva Immortal, whom the stone, presser of the sweet juice, worships.

Even as true knower of the Law, O Agni, to this our solemn rite he thou attentive. When shall thy songs of festival be sung thee? When is thy friendship shown within our dwelling?

Why this complaint to Indra, O Agni? And why to Heaven? for what is our transgression? How wilt thou speak to Earth and bounteous Mitra? What wilt thou say to Aryaman and Bhaga?

What, when thou blazest on the lesser altars, what to the mighty Wind who comes to bless us, True, circumambient? what to Earth, O Agni, what wilt thou say to man-destroying Soma?

How to great Pūṣan who promotes our welfare.to honoured Soma what, who gives oblations? What sin of ours to the far-striding Indra, what, Agni, wilt thou tell the Lofty Arrow.

What wilt thou tell the truthful band of Devas, how answer the great Sun when thou art questioned? Before the Free, before the Swift, defend us: fulfil Heaven's work, all-knowing Jātavedas.

I crave the cow's true gift arranged by Order: though raw, she hath the sweet ripe juice, O Agni. Though she is black of hue with milk she teemeth, nutritious, brightly shining, all-sustaining.

Agni the Bull, the manly, hath been sprinkled with oil upon his back, by Law eternal. He who gives vital power goes on unswerving. Pṛśni the Bull hath milked the pure wiiite udder.

By Law the Aṅgirases cleft the rock asunder, and sang their hymns together with the cattle. Bringing great bliss the men encompassed Morning: light was apparent at the birth of Agni.

By Law the Immortal Goddesses the Waters, with meath-rich waves, O Agni, and uninjured, like a strong courser lauded in his running, sped to flow onward swiftly and forever.

Go never to the feast of one who harms us, the treacherous neighbour or unworthy kinsman. Punish us not for a false brother's trespass. Let us not feel the might of friend or foeman.

O Agni, keep us safe with thy protection, loving us, honoured Deva! and ever guarding. Beat thou away, destroy severe affliction subdue e’en the demon when he waxes mighty.

Through these our songs of praise be gracious, moved by our meditations, O Hero, touch our offerings. Accept, O Aṅgiras, these our devotions, and let the praise which Devas desire address thee.

To thee who knowest, Agni, thou Disposer, all these wise secret speeches have I uttered, Sung to thee, Sage, the charming words of wisdom, to thee, O Singer, with. my thoughts and Praises.