HYMN XI. Agni.

THY blessed majesty, victorious Agni, shines brightly in the neighbourhood of SÅ«rya.

Splendid to see, it shows even at nighttime, and food is fair to look on in thy beauty.

Agni, disclose his thought for him who singeth, the well, Strong Deva! while thou art praised with fervour. Vouchsafe to us that powerful hymn, O Mighty, which, Radiant One! with all the Devas thou lovest.

From thee, O Agni, springs poetic wisdom, from thee come thoughts and hymns of praise that prosper; From thee flows wealth, with heroes to adorn it, to the true-hearted man who gives oblation.

From thee the hero springs who wins the booty, bringer of help, mighty, of real courage. From thee comes wealth, sent by the Devas, bliss-giving; Agni, from thee the fleet impetuous charger.

Immortal Agni, thee whose voice is pleasant, as first in rank, as Deva, religious mortals Invite with hymns; thee who removest hatred, Friend of the Home, the household's Lord, unerring.

Far from us thou removest want and sorrow, far from us all ill-will when thou protectest. Son of Strength, Agni, blest is he at evening, whom thou as Deva attendest for his welfare.