THE Deva hath looked, even Agni Jātavedas, to meet the Dawns refulgent in their glories.

Come on your chariot, ye who travel widely, come to this offering of ours, Nāsatyas.

Producing light for all the world of creatures, Deva Indra hath raised aloft his banner. Making his presence known by sunbeams, Sūrya hath filled the Firmament and Earth and Heaven.

Red Dawn is come, riding with brightness onward, distinguished by her beams, gay-hued and mighty. Dawn on her nobly-harnessed cardess, awaking men to happiness, approacheth.

May those most powerful steeds and chariot bring you, O Indra, hither at the break of morning. Here for your draught of meath are Soma juices: at this our offering rejoice, ye Mighty.

How is it that, unbound and unsupported, he falleth not although directed downward? By what self-power moves he? Who hath seen it? He guards the vault of Heaven, a close-set pillar?