To this our offering come Ṛbhu, Vibhvan, Vāja, and Indra with the gift of riches, because this day hath Dhiṣaṇā the Goddess set drink for you: the gladdening draughts have reached you.

Knowing your birth and rich in gathered treasure, Ṛbhus, rejoice together with the Ṛtus.

The gladdening draughts and wisdom have approached you: send ye us riches with good store of heroes.

For you was made this offering, O Ṛbhus, which ye, like men, won for yourselves aforetime. To you come all who find in you their pleasure: ye all were—even the two elder—Vājas.

Now for the mortal worshipper, O Heroes, for him who served you, was the gift of riches. Drink, Vājas, Ṛbhus! unto you is offered, to gladden you, the third and great libation.

Come to us. Heroes, Vājas and Ṛbhukṣans, glorified for the sake of mighty treasure. These draughts approach you as the day is closing, as cows, whose calves are newly-born, their stable.

Come to this offering of ours, ye Children of Strength, invoked with humble adoration. Drink of this meath, Wealth-givers, joined with Indra with whom ye are in full accord, ye Princes.

Close knit with Indra drink the Soma, Indra; close-knit, Hymn-lover! with the Devas drink it: Close-knit with drinkers first, who drink in season; close-knit with heavenly Dames who give us treasures.

Rejoice in full accord with the Ādityas, in concord with the Parvatas, O Ṛbhus; In full accord with Indra, Divine One; in full accord with floods that pour forth riches.

Ṛbhus, who helped their Parents and the Indra, who formed the Milch-cow and the pair of horses, Made armour, set the Heaven and Earth asunder.far- reaching Heroes, they have made good offspring.

Ye who have wealth in booty, in heroes, in rich sustenance and treasure, Such, O ye Ṛbhus, first to drink, rejoicing, give unto us and those who laud our present.

Ye were not far: we have not left you thirsting, blameless in this our offering, O Ṛbhus. Rejoice you with the Devas and with Indra, with the Kings, Devas! that y. May give us riches.