THIS Lady, giver of delight, after her Sister shining forth, Daughter of Heaven, hath shown herself.-

Unfailing, Mother of the Kine, in colour like a bright red mare, the Dawn became the Indra' Friend.

Yea, and thou art the Indra' Friend, the Mother of the Kine art thou: O Dawn thou rulest over wealth.

Thinking of thee, O joyous One, as her who driveth hate away, We woke to meet thee with our lauds.

Our eyes behold thy blessed rays like troops of cattle loosed to feed.

Dawn hath filled full the wide expanse.

When thou hast filled it, Fulgent One! thou layest bare the gloom with light. After thy nature aid us, Dawn.

Thou overspreadest Heaven with rays, the dear wide region of mid-air. With thy bright shining lustre, Dawn.