HYMN LVII. Ksetrapati, Etc.

WE through the Master of the Field, even as through a friend, obtain What nourisheth our kine and steeds. In suc. May he be good to us.

As the cow yieldeth milk, pour for us freely, Lord of the Field, the wave that beareth sweetness, Distilling meath, well-purified like butter, and let the. Lords of holy Law be gracious.

Sweet be the plants for us. the heavens, the waters, and full of sweets for us be air's mid-region.

May the Field's Lord for us be full of sweetness, an. May we follow after him uninjured.

Happily work our steers and men. May the plough furrow happily. Happily be the traces bound; happil. May he ply the goad.

Śuna and Sīra, welcome ye this laud, and with the milk which ye have made in Heaven Bedew ye both this Earth of ours.

Auspicious Sītā, come thou near: we venerate and worship thee That tho. Mayst bless and prosper us and bring us fruits abundantly.

May Indra press the furrow down. May Pūṣan guide its course aright. May she, as rich in milk, be drained for us through each succeeding year.

Happily let the shares turn up the plough-land, happily go the ploughers with the oxen. With meath and milk Parjanya make us happy. Grant us prosperity, Śuna and Sīra.