HYMN I. Agni

Agni is wakened by the people's fuel to meet the Dawn who cometh like a milch-cow.

Like young trees shooting up on high their branches, his flames are rising to the vault of Heaven.

For worship of the Devas the Monk was wakened: at morning gracious Agni hath arisen. Kindled, his radiant might is made apparent, and the great Deity set free from darkness.

When he hath stirred the line of his attendants, with the pure milk pure Agni is anointed. The strength-bestowing gift is then made ready, which spread in front, with tongues, erect, he drinketh.

The spirits of the pious turn together to Agni, as the eyes of all to SΕ«rya. He, when both Dawns of different hues have borne him, springs up at daybreak as a strong white charger.

The noble One was born at days' beginning, laid red in colour mid the well-laid fuel. Yielding in every house his seven rich treasures, Agni is seated, Monk most skilled in worship.

Agni hath sat him down, a Monk most skilful, on a sweet-smelling place, his Mother's bosom. Young, faithful, sage, preeminent o’er many, kindled among the folk whom he sustaineth.

This Singer excellent at offers, Agni the Monk, they glorify with homage. Him who spread out both worlds by Law Eternal they balm with oil, strong Steed who never faileth.

He, worshipful House-Friend, in his home is worshipped, our own auspicious guest, lauded by sages. That strength the Bull with thousand horns possesses. In might, O Agni, thou excellest others.

Thou quickly passest by all others, Agni, for him to whom thou hast appeared most lovely, Wondrously fair, adorable, effulgent, the guest of men, the darling of the people.

To thee, most Youthful Deva! to thee, O Agni from near and far the people bring their tribute. Mark well the prayer of him who best extols thee. Great, high, auspicious, Agni, is thy shelter.

Ascend to-day thy splendid car, O Agni, in splendour, with the Holy Ones around it. Knowing the paths by mid-air's spacious region bring hither Devas to feast on our oblation.

To him adorable, sage, strong and mighty we have sung forth our song of praise and homage. Gavisthira hath raised with prayer to Agni this laud far-reaching, like gold light to Heaven.