HYMN IX. Agni.

BEARING; oblations mortal men, O Agni, worship thee the Deva.

I deem thee Jātavedas: bear our offerings unceasingly.

In the man's home who offers gifts, where grass is trimmed, Agni is Monk, to whom all offers come and strengthenings that win renown.

Whom, as an infant newly-born, the kindling-sticks have brought to life, Sustainer of the tribes of men, skilled in well-ordered offering.

Yea, very hard art thou to grasp, like offspring of the wriggling snakes, when thou consumest many woods like an ox, Agni, in the mead.

Whose flames, when thou art sending forth the smoke, completely reach the mark, when TαΉ›ta in the height of Heaven, like as a smelter fanneth thee, e’en as a smelter sharpeneth thee.

O Agni, by thy assist and by Mitra's friendly furtherance, may we, averting hate, subdue the wickedness of mortal men.

O Agni, to our heroes bring such riches, thou victorious Deva. May he protect and nourish us, and help in gaining strength: be thou near us in fight for our success.