To Agni, lofty Devas, meet for worship, Steer of eternal Law, my meditation I offer; I bring my song directed to the Mighty like pure oil for his mouth at offeringss.

Mark the Law, thou who knowest, yea, observe it: send forth the full streams of eternal Order.

I use no sorcery with might or falsehood the sacred Law of the Red Steer I follow.

How hast thou, follower of the Law eternal, become the knower of a new song, Agni? The Deva, the Guardian of the seasons, knows me: the Lord of him who won this wealth I know not.

Who, Agni, in alliance with thy foeman, what splendid helpers won for them their riches? Agni, who guard the dwelling-place of falsehood? Who are protectors of the speech of liars?

Agni, those friends of thine have turned them from thee: gracious of old, they have become ungracious. They have deceived themselves by their own speeches, uttering wicked words against the righteous.

He who pays offering to thee with homage, O Agni, keeps the Red Steer's Law eternal; Wide is his dwelling. May the noble offspring of NahuαΉ£a who wandered forth come hither.