O AGNI, Holy and Divine, with splendour and thy pleasant tongue Bring hither and adore the Devas.

We meditate thee, thou who droppest oil, bright-rayed! who lookest on the Sun, Bring the Devas hither to the feast.

We have enkindled thee, O Sage, bright caller of the Devas to feast.

O Agni, great in Offering.

O Agni, come with all the Devas, come to our sacrificial gift: We choose thee as Invoking Monk.

Bring, Agni, to the worshipper who pours the juice, heroic strength: Sit with the Devas upon the grass.

Victor of thousands, Agni enkindled, cherishest the laws, Laud-worthy, envoy of the Devas.

Set Agni Jātavedas down, the bearer of our sacred gifts, mostYouthful, Deva and Minister.

Duly proceed our offering, comprising all the Devas, to-day: Strew holy grass to be their seat.

May the Devas sit thereon, the Indra, Indra: The Devas with all their company.