AGNI inflamed hath sent to Heaven his lustre: he shines forth widely turning unto Morning.

Eastward the ladle goes that brings all blessing, praising the Devaswith homage and oblation.

Enkindled, thou art King of the immortal world: him who brings offerings thou attendest for his weal. He whom thou urgest on makes all possessions his: he sets before thee, Agni, gifts that guest. May claim.

Show thyself strong for mighty bliss, O Agni, most excellent be thine effulgent splendours. Make easy to maintain our household lordship, and overcome the might of those who hate us.

Thy glory, Agni, I adore, kindled, exalted in thy strength. A Steer of brilliant splendour, thou art lighted well at sacred rites.

Agni, invoked and kindled, serve the Devas, thou skilled in offering: For thou art bearer of our gifts.

Invoke and worship Agni while the sacrificial rite proceeds: For offering-bearer choose ye him.