HYMN LVI. Devas.

AGNI, that valorous company adorned with ornaments of gold, the people of the Devas, I call down to-day even from the luminous realm of Heaven.

Even as thou thinkest in thy heart, thither my wishes also tend.

Those who have come most near to thine invoking calls, strengthen them fearful to behold.

Earth, like a bounteous lady, liberal of her gifts, struck down and shaken, yet exultant, comes to us. Impetuous as a bear, O Devas, is youi rush terrible as a dreadful bull..

They who with mighty strength oโ€™erthrow like oxen difficult to yoke, Cause eโ€™en the heavenly stone to shake ' yea, shake the rocky mountain as they race along.

Rise up! even now with lauds I call the very numerous company, Unequalled, of these Devas, like a herd of kine, grown up together in their strength.

Bind to your car the bright red mares, yoke the red coursers to your car. Bind to the pole, to draw, the fleet-foot tawny steeds, the best at drawing, to the pole.

Yea, and this loudly-neighing bright red vigorous horse who hath been sutioned, fair to see, Let him not cause delay, O Devas, in your course, urge ye him onward in your cars.

The Devasโ€™ chariot, ever fain to gather glory, we invoke, Which Rodasฤซ hath mounted, bringing pleasant gifts, with Devas in her company.

I call that brilliant band of yours, adorable, rapid on the car Whereon the bounteous Dame, auspicious, nobly born, shows glorious with the Marut host.