HYMN LXIX. Mitra-Indra.

THREE spheres of light, O Indra, three heavens, three firmaments ye comprehend, O Mitra: Waxed strong, ye keep the splendour of dominion, guarding the Ordinance that lasts forever.

Ye, Indra, have kine who yield refreshment; Mitra, your floods pour water full of sweetness.

There stand the Three Steers, splendid in their brightness, who fill the three world-bowls with genial moisture.

I call at dawn on Aditi the Goddess, I call at noon and when the Sun is setting. I pray, O Mitra-Indra, for safety, for wealth and progeny, in rest and trouble.

Ye who uphold the region, sphere of brightness, ye who support Earth's realm Divine Δ€dityas, the Immortal Devas, O Indra and Mitra, never impair your everlasting statutes.