To Indra, to the Mighty whom the Devas follow let your hymns born in song go forth, Evayamarut; To the impetuous, strong band, adorned with bracelets, that rushes on in joy and ever roars for vigour.

They who with might were manifest, and who willingly by their own knowledge told it forth, Evayamarut.

Devas, this strength of yours no wisdom comprehendeth: through their gifts' greatness they are moveless as the mountains.

Who by the psalm they sing are heard, from lofty Heaven, the strong, the brightly shining Ones, Evayamarut; In whose abode there is no mightier one to move them, whose lightnings are as fires, who urge the roaring rivers.

He of the Mighty Stride forth strode, Evayamarut, out of the spacious dwelling-place, their home in common. When he, himself, hath yoked his emulous strong horses on heights, he cometh forth, joy-giving, with the Heroes.

Like your tremendous roar, the rainer with light flashing, strong, speeding, hath made all tremble, Evayamarut, Wherewith victorious ye, self-luminous, press onward, with strong reins, decked with gold, impetuous and well-weaponed.

Unbounded is your greatness, ye of mighty power. May your bright vigour be our aid, Evayamarut; For ye are visible helpers in the time of trouble: like fires, aglow with light, save us from shame and insult.

May the Somas, mighty warriors, Evayamarut, with splendid brilliancy, like fires, be our protectors; They whose terrestrial dwelling-place is wide-extended, whom none suspect of sin, whose bands have lofty courage.

Come in a friendly spirit, come to us, O Devas, and hear his call who praises you, Evayamarut. Like car-borne men, one-minded with the mighty Indra, keep enmity far from us with your deeds of wonder.

Come to our offering, ye Hnly Ones, to bless it, and, free from demons, hear our call, Evayamarut.