E'EN to the wise let that be still a wonder to which the general name of Cow is given.

The one hath swelled among mankind for milking: Pแน›ล›ni hath drained but once her fair bright udder.

They who like kindled flames of fire are glowing. the Devas, twice and thrice have waxen mighty. Golden and dustless were their cars, invested with their great strength and their heroic vigour.

They who are Sons of the rain, whom the long-lasting One had power to foster: The Mighty Ones offerings known to have received for man's advantage.

They shrink not from the birth; in this same manner still resting there they purge away reproaches. When they have streamed forth, brilliant, at their pleasure, with their own splendour they bedew their bodies.

Even those who bear the brave bold name of Devas, whom not the active quickly wins. Even the liberal wards not off those fierce ones, those who are light and agile in their greatness.

When, strong in strength and armed with potent weapons, they had united wellformed Earth and Heaven, Rodasl stood among these furious Heroes like splendour shining with her native brightness.

No team of goats shall draw your car, O Devas, no horse no charioteer be he who drives it. Halting not, reinless, through the air it travels, speeding alone its paths through Earth and Heaven.

Non. May obstruct, none overtake, O Devas, him whom ye assist in the strife of battle For sons and progeny, for kine and waters: he bursts the cow-stall on the day of trial.

Bring a bright hymn to praise the band of Devas, the Singers, rapid, strong in native vigour, who conquer mighty strength with strength more mighty: Earth shakes in terror at their wars, O Agni.

Bright like the flashing flames of offers, like tongues of fire impetuous in their onset, Chanting their psalm, singing aloud, like heroes, splendid from birth, invincible, the Devas.

That swelling band I call with invocation, armed with glittering lances. Pure hymns are meet for that celestial army: like floods and mountains have the Strong Ones battled.