FULL of effectual wisdom Indra the Deva hath stretched out golden arms that h. May bring forth life.

Young and most skilful, while he holds the region up, the Warrior sprinkles fatness over both his hands.

May we enjoy the noblest vivifying force of Indra the Deva, that h. May give us wealth: For thou art mighty to produce and lull to rest the world of life that moves on two feet and on four.

Protect our habitation, Indra, this day, with guardian aids around, auspicious, firm and true. Deva of the golden tongue, keep us for newest bliss: let not the evil-wisher have us in his power.

This Indra the Deva, the golden-handed, Friend of the home, hath risen to meet the twilight. With cheeks of brass, with pleasant tongue, the Holy, he sends the worshipper rich gifts in plenty.

Like a Director, Indra hath extended his golden arms, exceeding fair to look on. He hath gone up the heights of Earth and Heaven, and made each monster fall and cease from troubling.

Fair wealth, O Indra, to-day, to-morrow, fair wealth produce for us each day that passes. May we through this our song be happy gainers, Deva, of a fair and spacious habitation.