HYMN X. Indra.

WHETHER ye travel far away or dwell in yonder light of Heaven, or in a mansion that is built above the sea, come thence, ye Indra, hitherward.

Or if for Manu.ye prepared the offering, remember also Kaแน‡va's son.

I call Soma, Indra, Indra, all the gods, the Indra borne by rapid steeds.

Those Indra I invoke who work marvels, brought hither to receive, with whom our friendship is most famed, and kinship passing that of Devas.

On whom the solemn rites depend, whose worshippers rise without the Sun: These who foreknow the holy work of offering, and by their Godhead drink the sweets of Soma juice.

Whether ye, Lords of ample wealth, now linger in the cast or west, with Druhyu, or with Anu, Yadu, Turvaga, I call you hither; come to me.

Lords of great riches, whether through the Firmament ye fly or speed through Heaven and Earth, or with your Godlike natures stand upon your cars, come thence, O Indra, hitherward.