HYMN XI. Agni.

THOU Agni, Deva mid mortal men, art guard of sacred rites, thou art To be adored at offerings.

O Mighty Agni, thou must be glorified at our festivals, bearing our offerings to the Devas.

O Jātavedas Agni, fight and drive our foes afar from us, themand their godless enmities.

Thou, Jātavedas, seekest not the worship of a hostile man, However nigh itbe to thee.

We sages, mortals as we are, adore the mighty name oof thee, Immortal Jātavedas' name.

Sages, we call the Sage to help, mortals, we call the Deva to aid: We call on Agni with our songs.

May Vatsa draw- thy mind away even from thy loftiest dwelling-place, Agni, with song that yearns for thee.

Thou art the same in many a place: mid all the people thou art Lord.

In fray and fightt we call on thee.

When we are seeking strength we call Agni to help us in the strife, the giver of rich gifts in war.

Ancient, adorablie at offers, Monk from of old, meet for our praise, thou sittest. Fill full and satisfy thy body, Agni, and win us happiness by offering worship.