Compiling CircleMUD
               under OS/2 Warp Connect v3.0 or 2.1
                         by David Carver

To compile CircleMUD under OS/2, you must have the following: All needed files can be found at the FTP site.


** IMPORTANT ** ** You must have EMX and GCC installed and the directories in your ** PATH and LIBPATH statements in your CONFIG.SYS. Please read the ** EMX installation instructions included with that package for more ** information on how to install both EMX and GCC.

Download the ZIP archive of Circle and use your favorite UNZip utility to extract it.

After you have uncompressed the files, switch to the directory that has the CircleMUD files in it, and then to the SRC subdirectory. Rename the following files:

Rename ‘conf.h.os2’ to ‘conf.h’. Delete the old ‘makefile’, and rename ‘makefile.os2’ to ‘makefile’.

To compile the MUD type the following at an OS/2 command line:


CircleMUD will be compiled and the executable will be put in your current directory. Copy the CIRCLE.EXE file to the circle30\bin directory. Then follow the CircleMUD instructions in README on how to start up the MUD.

NOTE: General questions about CircleMUD can be addressed to the author, Jeremy Elson, at However, all questions which specifically deal with the OS/2 port of Circle should go to my address, listed below.

David Carver