This is directions for compiling & linking CircleMUD for OpenVMS. Additional documentation can be found at.

I have personally tested this port on both VAX and Alpha with OpenVMS v7.0 and DEC C v7.0 and Multinet TCP/IP using UCX emulation.

To build this, you need the following:

    .1) DEC C compiler.  I have tested with DEC C v7.0 and can help out
        with problems with earlier versions of DEC C.  If you don't have
    the DEC C compiler I suggest you get a copy through the OpenVMS
    Hobbyist program at

.2) A TCP/IP stack for OpenVMS that supports UCX emulation.  I have
        personally only tested out Multinet v4.1B and Multinet v4.2.
        If you are using a TCP/IP stack that doesn't support UCX 
    emulation I would suggest getting a copy of Multinet though the
        OpenVMS hobbyist program at

.3) A copy of the CircleMUD distribution file.

        This can be found at

Now, you have everything, do the following…

.1) Unpack the CircleMUD file you got from ""

.2) Go to the SRC directory and locate the BUILD_CIRCLEMUD.COM file.

    The BUILD_CIRCLEMUD.COM file accepts the following parameters.

	P1	ALL	Just Build "Everything".
		UTILS   Just Build The CircleMUD Utilities.

	P2	DEBUG	Build CircleMUD With Debugging Information.
		NODEBUG Build CircleMUD Without Debugging Information.

    The default is "ALL" and "NODEBUG".

    The "BUILD_CIRCLEMUD.COM" script checks some filenames to make 
        sure that they are correct as some of them are unpacked different
    between the TAR file distribution and the ZIP file distribution.
        It also checks for "CONF.H" and if not found copies "CONF.H_VMS"
        to "CONF.H" for you.

    So if you just want to build "everything" without debugging 
    information you could use...




        The EXE's will be placed in the CircleMUD BIN directory.

Now, define the logical CIRCLEMUD_BIN to point to the “BIN” directory of the CircleMUD directory like this…


To run CircleMUD, just execute the “VMS_AUTORUN.COM” file in the CircleMUD root directory.

To customize how CircleMUD runs, edit the “VMS_CIRCLEMUD.COM” file in the BIN directory.

To customize CircleMUD features (like player killing etc) edit the “CONFIG.C” file in the SRC directory.

To edit the CircleMUD login message, edit the GREETINGS.; file found in the TEXT directory under the LIB directory.

For the CircleMUD utilities, execute the file VMS_MUD_UTILS.COM in the BIN directory and it will create the VMS symbols for the utilities.

If you have any problems, questions, comments, feel free to e-mail me at and I’ll try my best to answer them all.