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File Manifest

The main / directory has the following subdirectories and files:

autorun - Shell script to run the MUD (./autorun &). FAQ - Frequently Aske Questions with answers. README - Information for the new tbaMUDder. changelog - A log of changes that can be added to and viewed in game. syslog - The current system log. Also viewed in game with the file command. bin/ - Directory of all the compiled programs (binaries). doc/ - Documentation. lib/ - MUD data. log/ - System logs. src/ - Source code.

The bin/directory contains only binaries: circle (the main MUD) and its utilities, which are described in utils.txt.

The doc/ directory has its own README file, describing the contents of each of the documentation files.

etc/ - Files maintained by the game which you should not touch while the game is running. house/ - Crash-save files for player houses. misc/ - Miscellaneous database files such as fight messages, invalid names, and socials. plrfiles/ - ASCII files which combined the player, alias, and variable files. plrobjs/ - The hierarchy containing player object files (i.e. crash files, rent files, cryo-rent files, etc.) and utility scripts. text/ - Files meant to be directly read by players such as MOTD (message of the day), help files, and the immortal handbook. You can change these files while the game is running, and then have the mud reload them using the reload command. world/ - The hierarchy of the world files (mobiles, objects, shops, rooms, triggers, and zones).

The lib/etc/ directory contains the following files (the MUD actively maintains these files while it is running; they should not be modified unless the game is down):

badsites - List of banned sites. Board. - Binary files with the contents of the bulletin boards. config - Configuration file you can modify via CEDIT. hcontrol - Binary file with the state of the house control system. last - File storing information for the last command. Delete occasionally. plrmail - Binary file containing player mail. time - Where the MUD time is saved.

The lib/misc/ directory contains the following files:

bugs - Bugs reported by players with the bug command. ideas - Ideas from players from idea command. messages - Spell and skill damage messages. socials - Text file with text of the socials. - New format of socials you can edit via AEDIT. typos - Typos reported by players with the typo command. xnames - Text file of invalid names.

The lib/plrobjs/ contains the following files and directories:

k-o \ Subdirectories where player objects files are stored. p-t / u-z / zzz/

The lib/plrfiles/ combined player, alias, and variable files in ASCII format.

k-o \ Subdirectories where player data is stored. p-t / u-z / zzz/

The lib/text/ directory contains the following files:

background - Background story (for option 3 from main menu). credits - Text for credits command. greetings - Greeting message. handbook - Text for Immortal Handbook (handbook command). immlist - Text for immlist command. imotd - Immortal MOTD –seen by immortals on login. info - Text for info command. motd - MOTD –seen by mortals on login. news - Text for news command. policies - Text for policy command. wizlist - Text for wizlist command. /help/screen - Text for help command as a mortal with no arguments. /help/iscreen - Text for help command an an immortal with no arguments.

The lib/world/directory contains the following subdirectories:

mob - Contains *.mob files (mobile files) obj - Contains *.obj files (object files) shp - Contains *.shp files (shop files) trg - Contains *.trg files (trigger files) wld - Contains *.wld files (world files) zon - Contains *.zon files (zone files)

Each of the 6 subdirectories in the lib/world/ directory also contains two additional files one called index, which specifies which files in that directory should be loaded when the MUD boots, and, which specifies which files should be loaded if the MUD is booted with the -m (mini-mud) option.

The log/ directory contains several files of the form syslog.n, where n is a small number. These are the most recent tbaMUD syslogs. In addition, it contains the following more permanent system logs:

badpws - Records of bad password attempts. delete - Players who have self-deleted. dts - Players who have hit death traps. errors - MUD system errors (“SYSERR” messages). devacmds - All logged god commands. help - All help queries that are not found. levels - Records of all levels gained by all players. newplayers - Records of the creation of new players. olc - OLC log messages. rentgone - Players who have lost their items in rent. restarts - List of times at which the MUD rebooted. rip - Player deaths. trigger - Trigedit log messages. usage - Mud system usage (player load & memory usage info).

The src/ directory contains all of the C and header files for the MUD, along with a Makefile. The src/util/ directory contains source for tbaMUDs utility programs. See admin.txt for more information on how to compile the MUD. See utils.txt for more information on how to use tbaMUDs utilities.