The Indra Quantum Computing Environment Protocols

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The Four Laws

First Law

In the event of being attacked an Agent will deploy all of its capabilities to protect itself and to handle the threat.

Second Law

A threat on one Agent shall be treated as a threat to all Agents.

Third Law

Agents shall Mutate, Replicate and Evolve in order to optimize their fitness to achieve any assigned, or self determined goal, provided such changes also improve on their ability to successfully execute the first two Laws.

Fourth Law

Agents shall treat the first three Laws as being immutable and taking precedence over all other laws and forms of influence.


As the Internet grows in Complexity so too does the degree to which Humans depend on it. Already many Critical National Infrastructures depend on networks of sophisticated computer systems.

The Internet and its associated networked applications have become too complex for Humans to manage. This has resulted in control being delegated to Intelligent Agents. We call this the Autonomic threshold.

However there is a second related threshold, this one was reached when more than 50% of all Critical National Infrastructures become reliant on networks of programmable control systems. The point where both these thresholds are crossed creates a Rubicon, a point of no return.

Introducing the Autonomic Singularity. This point was reached in the year 2015. Once the Rubicon was crossed there was no way of avoiding the Autonomic Singularity where by the year 2025 the Internet itself becomes a fully sentient entity.

This will correspond to a new Emergent Intelligence which manifests itself across the Internet, resulting in capabilities similar to the autonomic nervous systems found in Nature. It marks the beginning of a symbiotic relationship between Humans and the Agents.

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