HELP, Indra and Mitra, O ye Twain allied with Devas, Somas, and Ādityas, help our car, that, as the wild birds of the forest from their home, our horse. May fly forth, glad, eager for renown.

Yea, now ye Devas of one accord speed on our car what time among the folk it seeks an act of might; When, hasting through the region with the stamp of hoofs, our swift steeds trample on the ridges of the Earth.

O. May our Indra here, the Friend of all mankind, coming from Heaven, most wise, girt by the Marut host, Accompany, with aid untroubled by a foe, our car to mighty gain, to win the meed of strength.

O. May this Tvaṣṭar, Deva who rules the world with power, one-minded with the Goddesses speed forth our car; Iḷā and Bhaga the celestial, Earth and Heaven, Pūṣan, Purandhi, and the Indra, ruling Lords.

Or, seen alternate, those two blessed Goddesses, Morning and Night who stir all living things to act: While with my newest song I praise you both, O Earth, that from what moves not y. May spread forth threefold food.

Your blessing as a boon for suppliants we desire: the Dragon of the Deep, and Aja-Ekapād, Trita, Ṛbhukṣan, Indra shall joy in us, and the Floods’ swift Child in our worship and our meditation.

These earnest prayers I pray to you, ye Holy: to pay you honour, living men have formed them, Men fain to win the prize and glory. May they win, as a car-horse might the goal, your notice.